Welcome to Alice Palace!

Alice Palace is based on our dog, Alice. So if you like our server, you can donate and get in-game perks and items, you can see more on the page "Ranks"

Alice Palace is a Skyblock, Kit-PvP, and Duels server. You can do /kit to get different kits for Kit-PvP and Skyblock. We have designed hand made worlds for people to join for each gamemode. In Skyblock, you get a kit and build off of one island and make it bigger. In Kit-PvP, you grab kits, and fight on our amazing map. If you buy a rank, you can get in-game perks and items so you can have better kits and special things. To make it not pay-to-win, we made it so if you vote, you can get vote keys, open those on a crate, and get ranks, items, kits, and more. If you want to learn more about our server, join our discord on the about page.

I hope you like our server, enjoy!!